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Welcome to the Southside Church of Christ Web site

at Syracuse, New York

                                                        Southside Church of Christ is a nondenominational church. We are here to glorify Christ,
                                                        worshiping him, and helping others to follow him (Jesus Christ).  We are consist of every
                                                  day people, who love Jesus Christ, and want to help others come to a relationship with him.
                                                 The Churches of Christ exist today because they have separated themselves from the various 
                                          denominations.  We are opposed to all religious groups and practices that depart from the Bible
                                             plan for salvation. In keeping with his promise, Jesus built ( established) his church on the day
                                                                        of Pentecost following his death and resurrection. (Mathew 16:18; Acts 2)



                                               There is hardly a country in the world where the gospel has not been heard by some. Thousands of
                                         missionaries are constantly at work to reach others. Parts of the bible have been translated into more
                                      than a thousand languages.  Probably two-thirds of the world's people are not Christian.  Many areas,
                                      such as some African countries have been touched but slightly by Christian teaching.  A new start may 
                                           sometime be possible in populous countries where governments have bitterly opposed Christianity.
                             In all countries most Christians have neighbors who are not Christian. There is work to be done next door 
                                                                                           as well as around the world.